Border Patrol Agent Jumps Into Rio Grande To Save Migrants From Drowning

[Daily Caller]

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Videos from Daily Caller reporters on-the-ground under the International Bridge 2 in Eagle Pass, Texas, show Border Patrol and police units rescue crossing migrants that were beginning to drown at the Rio Grande in early April.

One of the problems encountered in the area is the strong current present in the Rio Grande. Migrants are deceived into thinking it is safe to cross and fail to see the stronger current underneath, resulting in them being swept away and increasing their chances of drowning. (RELATED: Border Agents Rescue Migrant Smuggled In Zipped Up Duffel Bag From Burning Car)

The Del Rio sector has been experiencing an increase in migrant encounters as the end of Title 42 approaches. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced April 1 that Title 42 is set to end May 23. The policy, implemented during former President Donald Trump’s administration, allows the U.S. to swiftly expel migrants to Mexico or their home country to help control the spread of COVID-19.


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