‘They Crossed A Line In The Sand’: Demonstrators Protest Disney’s ‘Woke’ Agenda At California Headquarters

Twitter/Screenshot/Travis Rice

Levon Satamian Contributor
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Following Disney’s criticisms and opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights In Education bill, people in California marched to Disney’s headquarters in Burbank to protest.

Protesters gathered in front of Disney’s Burbank, California, headquarters Wednesday evening to speak out against the company’s stance on gender ideology. Protesters sang songs outside the gates, waved American flags, and chanted “Hold the Line” and “Boycott Disney.”

Sean Feucht, founder of Hold the Line and the rally’s organizer, spoke to Fox News ahead of the protest, saying the aim was to call attention to the corporation’s “woke” agenda. Feucht told co-host Ainsley Earhardt that Disney had “crossed a line in the sand when they began to enable those who want to fight to sexualize our kids.”

“They’re going to feel this in their earnings reports, and they’re also they’re going to feel this as people cancel their subscription, as they raise their voice,” Feucht said. “This is the year of the parents in America, 2022 is the year of the parents, and this is another opportunity for us to rise up and to hold the line.”

The company has received backlash following Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s condemnation of the new Florida education law forbidding teachers from speaking about sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms to kids in kindergarten through third grade. (RELATED: DeSantis Considers Stripping Disney’s Self-Governing ‘Privileges’ After School Bill Opposition)

Disney employees have spoken out against the corporation’s policies.

“There is certainly pressure mounting within Disney,” Jose Castillo, a current Disney employee who is running for Congress in Florida, told Fox News Tuesday. “At some point I believe Disney executives will have to respond.”

Before the protest took place, Feucht said that most of the employees were against the company’s stance on Florida’s bill.

“Most of the employees… they’re good,” Feucht said, according to Fox News. “They’re Christians, they love America, and they just want to create safe content for children, and they see that their corporations being hijacked by a bunch of woke crazy people that are trying to indoctrinate kids with this crazy sexualization.”