REVIEW: ‘Jackass Forever’ Is Unapologetic, Politically Incorrect Nonsense Exactly When America Needs It Most

(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Jackass Forever” is a start-to-finish thrill ride of screaming brilliance.

Most of us Millennials and Gen-Xers grew up with the crew of “Jackass” doing heinous stuff to each other, so it was easy to have pretty low expectations for the 20-year-old franchise. But, somehow, director Jeff Tremaine managed to create something originally disgusting with the traditional brilliance we all know and love.

The opening is an unexpectedly dramatic reimagining of “Godzilla,” except the reptilian monster is portrayed by Chris Pontius’ … Look, if you’re unfamiliar with “Jackass,” let’s just say the lads are naked throughout most of this film.

It sounds gross, but it’s not. It’s actually very artistic. (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘The Girl From Plainville’ Is Absolutely Terrifying)

“Jackass Forever” was clearly filmed before and during the pandemic. In several scenes, Johnny Knoxville has a thick head of hazelnut hair, and in the next he’s a total silver fox.

(Side note: how do men with careers based on kicking the sh*t out of themselves and each other somehow get more attractive with age? Whatever God kept them alive through the filming of “Jackass Forever” is clearly doing some magic with their skin too.)

What differentiates this installment from the previous one is the deeply psychological turn taken in many of the stunts. My personal favorite featured Ehren McGhehey, honey, salmon, a taser and a bear … that’s all that needs to be said, because there are no words that can accurately describe this particular stunt.

The celebrity guest appearances are fantastic too. Machine Gun Kelly didn’t seem to realize quite what he’d gotten himself into. Eric Andre clearly lived out a childhood dream. There was even a guy who looked just like Tony Hawk …

The new cast members really go above and beyond with their bodies. Actually, I’m amazed that no one died in the filming of this circus.

I defy you not to audibly laugh and scream before the opening credits roll through. You can watch the trailer here:

“Jackass Forever” is equal parts hilarious and violent and naked. If you’re having a pretty bad week (like I was) this movie will wipe away all the stress and sads. And let’s be honest, the world is pretty terrible right now, especially if you watch the news, so take 95 minutes away from the apocalypse and escape with this Dickhouse masterpiece.