Videos Reportedly Show Suicides, Animal Slaughter In Shanghai, China Due To COVID Lockdown

(Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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New videos are emerging by the day purporting to show suicides and animal killings in China amid the country’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

Several videos have gone viral on social media, one reportedly showing a couple falling to their deaths from a building in an alleged murder-suicide after the husband’s business was destroyed by COVID-19 lockdowns. Another shows Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pandemic workers allegedly killing household pets belonging to infected residents.

CCP authorities began a two-stage lockdown of Shanghai and its 26 million residents on March 28, and extended it further on April 5 as COVID-19 cases continued to rise. Many residents have been barred from leaving their homes and have struggled to access food as the city mass-tests the population and enforces strict quarantines.

Dozens of other Chinese cities have suffered a similar fate in recent weeks. The viral video depicting the murder-suicide emerged from the city of Tianjin, according to The Daily Beast.


In Shanghai, one video reportedly shows hundreds of people screaming out their windows at night in protest of lockdown measures. Another video compilation claims to show a number of suicides in recent weeks resulting from lockdown measures in the city, although it has not been verified.

One graphic video which has spread across social media shows workers collecting the dead bodies of household pets during quarantine. Several cities have reportedly ordered the killing of pets which belong to COVID-19 patients, due to fears the animals could spread the virus further.

A story of a woman who committed suicide in Shanghai has also gone viral on Chinese social media channels. The woman allegedly committed suicide after her two-year-old child died in COVID-19 quarantine. (RELATED: ‘Control Your Soul’s Desire For Freedom’: The Videos Emerging From Shanghai’s Lockdown Have George Orwell Rolling In His Grave)

Saturday, the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai announced that non-essential personnel would be allowed to evacuate the country due to the lockdown restrictions being imposed by the CCP.

China has remained committed to its “zero-COVID” policy despite a recent outbreak of cases. The CCP has maintained one of the strictest lockdown regimes in the world since the pandemic began, bringing massive cities like Shanghai to a grinding halt the moment the virus is detected, but Monday the country still set a new record for cases of the pathogen.