University Of Buffalo Student Says She Was Hunted Down By Angry Mob For Hosting Allen West On Campus

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Joe Roberts Contributor
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University of Buffalo student Therese Purcell claimed Monday that she was chased by an angry mob for hosting a conservative speaker on campus.

Former Florida congressman and Texas gubernatorial candidate Lt. Col. Allen West appeared Apr. 7 at the University of Buffalo for a speech on American exceptionalism, titled, “America is Not Racist.” The talk was disrupted by about 200 protestors who forced the event to be shut down during the Q&A session, leading to West being escorted out by police, according to Young America’s Foundation.

Purcell claims she was soon targeted by the mob, calling for someone to “capture” her, and was forced to hide in a men’s bathroom to escape them.

“I was really afraid for my life since they physically assaulted my friend, and like I said, they were screaming, no peace,” Purcell said Monday in an interview with “Fox & Friends.”  “I don’t think they were going to do anything remotely peaceful. They were a very angry mob, and they were clearly saying that they were trying to chase me, that they wanted to capture me.”

Purcell went on to express her surprise at the uproar over hosting West since his speech was about overcoming racism.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as controversial… to say on an American campus that American values are a good thing … American values are worth protecting,” Purcell said. (RELATED: ‘Woke Mob Is Never Satisfied’: Amber Athey Calls Out Media Company After Firing Her Over ‘Racist’ Tweets).

The University of Buffalo released a statement Friday and said they were “conducting a thorough review of events and activities leading up to, during and after” West’s appearance on campus.

“I remember a time when black students had to be escorted onto a campus,” West told Fox News. “I had to be escorted off.”