Poll Shows 68% Of Americans Think Disney’s Sexualized Content Is A Step Too Far

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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A new Trafalgar Group poll released Tuesday shows that most voters oppose Disney’s plan to include sexual ideology in upcoming content marketed for children.

Over 68% of general election voters say they are less likely to continue using Disney products after reports revealed the company plans to increase sexual ideology in its content marketed for young children, according to the Trafalgar group. The poll surveyed 1079 likely general election voters from April 4 – 8 with a margin of error of +/-2.99%.

A majority of Republicans, 85.3%, told the Trafalgar Group they were less likely to continue using Disney products, and 48.2% of Democrats agreed. Independents, by 72.5%, were also in favor of dropping the Disney brand.

Almost 78% of Republicans and 72% of independents said they would drop Disney and support a family-friendly alternative. Nearly 59% of Democrats said they would also support a family-friendly alternative to Disney. (RELATED: Disney To Create More Gay Content For Children)

When the results were broken down by ethnicity, 61.3% of Hispanic voters, 59.6% of white voters, and 44.3% of black voters told the Trafalgar Group that Disney’s plan to create sexualized content for young children made them “much less likely” to use Disney products.

The backlash against Disney began shortly after the company’s CEO Bob Chapek came out against Florida’s parental rights bill, which prohibits teaching gender ideology and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms. Chapek promised Disney would produce more LBGT content in response to a letter signed by employees upset over the Florida bill.

“We are writing because we are disappointed, hurt, afraid, and angry,” the letter stated. “In regards to Disney’s financial involvement with legislators behind the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, we hoped that our company would show up for us. But it didn’t.”

Disney employees were upset that “overtly gay affection” in Disney content created by employees had been blocked in the past. Chapek promised employees that Disney would assemble a content task force to be used as a “force for good” for the LGBT movement.

A similar uproar at Pixar studios occurred after the company’s leadership allegedly censored “overtly gay” content intended for children by removing a “same-sex kiss” in the studio’s feature film “Lightyear” covering the origin story of Buzz Lightyear. The scene was later restored after outcry from staff.

“We know the moment requires urgency – and words are not enough, so we are taking some actions right now,” Chapek told Disney employees.

Disney Studios senior vice president of communications Paul Roeder and senior vice president of global marketing for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Lisa Becket are heading the LGBTQ+ task force to ensure upcoming content will include LGBTQ+ lead characters, Reuters reported.