Saudi Comedians Roast Biden And Harris Like ‘SNL’ Never Would


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Two Saudi Arabian comedians are going viral on social media Tuesday for a sketch roasting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The sketch portrays Biden as a sleepy and confused and Harris as desperately trying to manage his repeated missteps and gaffes. A television station owned by the Middle East Broadcasting Center, which is part of a Saudi Arabian government-owned conglomerate, broadcasted the 67-second sketch, according to Mediaite.

The sketch opens with comedians portraying Biden and Harris walking onto a stage with flags in front of reporters for a “press conference.” The actor playing Biden points at the crowd and immediately tries to exit, so the actor portraying Harris herds him back to where he’s supposed to be on-stage.

Once at the podium, the person playing Biden says he’s there to “talk about the crisis [in] Spain,” after which the person portraying Harris appears to whisper and correct him. “Yeah, we gotta talk about the crisis in Africa,” he says, before finally getting to “Russia.” He then appears to forget Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name, prompting the vice president character to whisper to correct him again.

“Listen to me, I have [a] very important message to you. The message is…” Before the actor playing the president can finish, he pretends to fall asleep, so the Harris character nudges him awake. He bursts into “And the President of China!” before being whispered to again.

The comedian portraying Biden responds with “Thank you to correct me, First Lady,” seemingly playing off a recent incident in which Biden accidentally referred to Harris as the First Lady, according to the New York Post. The Biden character then falls asleep again, forcing the VP character to pick him up and drag him off stage while telling the crowd, “Thank you all. Hallelujah! Clap to your president!” (RELATED: ‘Is My Brain Okay’ SNL Skit Rips The Real Life Impact Of COVID Lockdowns… And It’s Terrifyingly Accurate)

Saudi Arabia was recently reported to have snubbed Biden. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman allegedly refused to take a call from Biden, who was attempting to discuss the country’s oil production amid rising prices in the U.S., according to Mediaite.