Town Of Medford, Oregon, Asked To Evacuate Over Massive Explosion And Possible Chemical Leak


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Fire crews in Medford, Oregon, responded to a large chemical explosion and fuel fire Tuesday evening.

Loud explosions were heard throughout the area, leading to reports of possible chemical leaks, the New York Post reported. The main fire was located at the Pacific Pride Industrial Fuel Station, according to KOBI5. Those living or residing within a half-mile area of the explosion and fire were asked to evacuate, KDRV reported.

Crews were called around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night and were still working to control runoff from the fuel silos more than two hours later, advising people to avoid the area, the outlet reported. A heavy foam unit was called in from the local airport to help quell the disaster.

“Police are continuing to use loudspeakers to announce that there may be chemicals in the air from this fire. They are also treating this as an active crime scene,” according to MedfordAlert on Twitter. The page also posted a video of the explosion. (RELATED: Stephen Hawking Had One Clear Warning About Aliens. Scientists Are Ignoring It)

Pacific Power said later that night that the company shut down power in the area.

“For safety purposes, we have de-energized service in S Central/Boyd St, Medford area, due to a 3-alarm gas station fire. Currently the estimated time of restoration is 3pm,” the company shared on Twitter. Several hours later, the company said that some of the power lines would be restored, but remaining customers would not receive energy until fire crews could completely contain the fire and the necessary repairs were made.

As of this morning, the fire crews were still on scene working the fire, according to a Facebook post by the Medford Fire Department. Fifty firefighters, two ladder trucks and more than 10 engines were required at the scene.