YouTube Page Reportedly Shows Hours Of Subway Shooting Suspect’s Hyper-Racial Black Nationalist Rants


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Frank James, a suspect in Tuesday’s mass subway shooting, allegedly posted hours of hyper-racial, black nationalist rants to YouTube, and claimed that a racial “doomsday” was coming.

The New York Police Department identified James as a suspect Wednesday in the shooting that left at least 23 people injured, the New York Post reported. The photos the NYPD released of James appear to match the man in the YouTube videos.

Keys to a U-Haul van allegedly rented by James were discovered after the shooting, Fox29 reported. A handgun, 3 extended magazines, 4 smoke grenades and a hatchet which also allegedly belonged to the suspect were discovered inside the vehicle, the outlet continued.

“I am the prophet of doom,” James reportedly said in one video, according to the Washington Examiner. “You need to know why we’re going to die. You need to know why we’re going to be destroyed. And black people have no sense of s***. Like hogs or cows, just chewing their fucking cud … That’s what we are: cattle waiting to be taken to the slaughter.”

“White people and black people, as we call ourselves, should not have any contact with each other, you still refuse to understand this,” James reportedly said in one of the videos shared on Twitter.

“These white motherf**kers, this is what they do. Ultimately at the end of the day, they kill and commit genocide against each other. What do you think they gonna do to your black ass?” James says in another video, according to the NY Post. James then reportedly theorized that a race war would follow the current conflict in Europe, the outlet continued.

James reportedly believed it was only a matter of time before white people turned on black populations in America, but “unlike President over in Ukraine, nobody has your back. The whole world is against you. And you’re against your f**king self. So why should you be alive again is the f**king question. Why a n***er be alive on this planet? Besides to pick cotton or chop sugar cane or tobacco?”

James suggested that one of the only options for black Americans was to commit more violence and become a criminal, according to the NY Post. “And so the message to me is: I should have gotten a gun, and just started shooting motherf—ers. Or I should have gotten some dope and started shooting or starting hitting bi—es in the head, robbing old ladies, you know what the f— it is,” James said in the video, according to the NY Post.

James allegedly took his own advice and went on an aggressive rant around New York where he screamed racial abuse at white people, Asians and Spanish populations, a video of which was shared on social media by Andy Ngo. Ngo also reported that James posted several pro-communist and pro-Fidel Castro statements on social media in the past, but his more recent posts have “pivoted obsessively to Black nationalist interests.”

James discusses the use of violence in many of his videos, according to CNN. “We need to see more mass shootings. Yeah. … We need to see more, there has to be more mass shootings to make a n***er understand. … It’s not about the shooter; it’s about the environment in which he is, he has to exist,” James said in one video quoted by the outlet.

The YouTube channel where the videos are posted has amassed more than 4,000 subscribers, with a number of videos having tens of thousands of views. Much of the content in the videos focus on themes commonly found in black nationalist rhetoric, Rolling Stone noted.

James was reportedly known to the FBI, but he was cleared in 2019 of posing any significant threat, a source reportedly told Newsweek (RELATED: Nation Of Islam Says Follower Who Mowed Down Capitol Police Officer Had ‘Such Great Potential’)

Some videos on major political figures, including Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. “She’s married to the f**king enemy. She’s married to the enemy,” James allegedly said of Jackson, before quipping that he was just “being silly.” Jackson has been married to Dr. Patrick Graves Jackson, a white man, for 25-years, according to Women’s Health.

Mayor Adams’ security detail was increased in the wake of the attack, according to Politico. “We’re not calling them threats. He made some concerning posts, or someone made some concerning posts. We cannot attribute it to that individual yet; that’s under investigation,” Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell told reporters, the outlet reported.