Al Pacino Reportedly Dating Woman 53 Years His Junior

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Al Pacino must really be aging like fine wine, because he has reportedly been dating a woman 53 years his junior during the pandemic.

The legendary actor has allegedly been linked to 28 -year old Noor Alfallah, and the eyebrow raising reality is that Pacino is older than his girlfriend’s father, according to Page Six. The couple shared a meal at Felix Trattoria in Venice, California, and left together in the same vehicle at the end of the night, reported the outlet.

Pacino and Alfallah’s relationship was put on blast Tuesday when Jason Momoa, who had been dining with the actor, shared a photograph revealing Pacino had a Shrek phone case. The phone case was quickly overshadowed by curiosity about the young lady sitting next to Pacino, who has since been confirmed to be his girlfriend, according to Page Six.

A source has allegedly come forward to reveal that Alfallah and Pacino “get on very well” in spite of their very significant age gap, according to the outlet.

This may be due to the fact that both of them have experience with relationships that carry a significant age difference. Pacino was linked to Meital Dohan in 2020, and she was roughly 40 years his junior, according to Page Six. (RELATED: Start Your Week With The Iconic Al Pacino Speech From ‘Any Given Sunday’)

Alfallah’s experience with older men includes dating 78-year-old Mick Jagger and a philanthropist named Nicolas Berggruen, who is reportedly 60 years old, according to Page Six. She has also been spotted sharing time with 91-year old Clint Eastwood but denies being romantically linked to the actor, reported the outlet.

Those jumping to gold-digging conclusions may want to think again. Alfallah comes from a wealthy Kuwaiti family and is successful in her own right, according to Page Six. Noor is reportedly the VP of Lynda Obst Productions at Sony, the outlet revealed.

The only question left to ask is, whose motives are more questionable? Hers or his?