Megyn Kelly Says Journalism ‘Is Dead’ And It’s The ‘Biggest Gift’ Donald Trump Gave America


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly told nationally syndicated talk radio host Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo that journalism “is dead” during an episode of “The Joe Pags Show” Wednesday.

In the interview, Pags asked Kelly what happened to journalism. “As you watch people who claim to be journalists today do this job, and in light of this subway shooting yesterday, where they weren’t even describing the guy’s ancestry, they were just saying he was a five-foot-five, 170-180 pound guy, be on the look out. What happened to journalism?” he asked.

“[Journalism] really is dead. I mean, it’s been dead for a while, and I think that’s the biggest gift that Donald Trump has given us. And he gave us a lot of gifts in exposing corrupt industries and institutions we used to trust, like the FBI,” Kelly responded. She continued to thank former President Donald Trump for exposing bias, but also noted that Trump “brought out bias that was lurking right there, and just toying with us.” (RELATED: New CNN Head Admits He Considers Himself A ‘Roadside Bomb’ When Employees Mess Up)

“I mean, did you have any idea that CNN was that biased? I always figured they were lefties. And you know, that’s fine. I don’t care if you’re a leftie or rightie, so long as you give me the news straight,” Kelly continued, “I had no idea how dishonest they are, how partisan they are, how much they hate the right half of the country. It’s a gift to know.”

Kelly expressed hope for the future, saying that journalism is “dead for sure, but it’s in a better place” and “it’s coming back from the dead in a new form.”

Later in the interview, Kelly says that “the news media and its wokeism has actually crossed over to the place of dangerous.” Both hosts discussed how ABC was the only outlet to report on the race of the suspect in the New York subway shooting Tuesday, and that many people depend on shows like “The View” for their news.

“If you are so stupid you are looking to Joy Behar for your news, you’re beyond help. I got nothing for you. Good luck,” Kelly quipped, before adding that “no sane person” is looking to “The View” for their news.