White House Downplayed The Extent To Which American Patriot And World’s Greatest Dog Major Was Biting Officials Around The Biden Admin

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Secret Service agents are reportedly outraged by the White House downplaying the injuries caused by President Joe Biden’s dog Major.

Thirty-six pages of communications from the Secret Service showed that Major was responsible for numerous incidents of biting last year, many of which caused puncture wounds, tore clothes, and caused bruising, according to Judicial Watch. Newly released documents show that Secret Service agents were furious that the White House washed over the attacks on personnel, the New York Post reported. In one incident, Major tore a coat valued at $500, according to the New York Post.

“As Major came around the corner, he attacked me unprovoked, tearing the wool overcoat I was wearing that evening,” the Agent wrote after the incident. “This attack occurred through no fault of my own and I could not avoid this unusual circumstance due to the nature and requirements of my position.”

After going back and forth with the necessary parties, the Agent reportedly withdrew his request for reimbursement from the Secret Service, writing, “After some deep thought and reflection, I don’t believe the USSS should be responsible for the damage to my coat as the cause was not under their control. To be compensated in this manner would essentially have the cost borne by the tax payer and this would be unjust,” the New York Post reported.

The Agent reportedly added that the “responsibility should lie with the party responsible for the wrong doing (i.e. tort), and that of course would be the dog owner/s.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has only acknowledged a single incident related to Major biting someone, who turned out to be a Secret Service agent, the New York Post noted. The report suggests that the bite reported by Psaki was the last in an 8-day stretch of bites, the outlet continued.

“No I didn’t surprise the dog doing my job by being at [redacted] as the press secretary just said! Now I’m pissed,” the Agent wrote to a colleague, the New York Post reported. Another Agent referred to their dog-bite injury as “severe,” according to the outlet.

Agents were told to protect their hands and fingers from Major by putting them “in their pockets,” the organization continued. At least one agent was bitten at the Biden’s lake house in Wilmington, DE, the records show. “This weekend in Wilmington, there were 3 minor incidents where Major nipped/ brushed up and nudged Shift SAs. Panicking or running with only embolden animals so stand your ground and protect your hands/fingers by placing them in your pockets or behind your back,” a Protective Division agent noted in one of the documents.

Another agent suffered from punctured skin after he was bitten while on White House property, Judicial Watch noted. “Sirs, We had another dog bite incident this morning. This was the 2nd time SA [redacted] was bitten,” an assistant special agent wrote to Secret Service official David Cho, Judicial Watch reported.

Major also attacked a White House pass holder in March 2021, according to another document. The reports also note attacks numerous on personnel, according to Judicial Watch. (RELATED: ‘Mr President, Are You Worried About Nuclear War?!’: Biden Ignores Press As He Returns From Weekend Away)

Major was the first rescue dog to live in the White House, People reported. He was allegedly given to family friends late in 2021, according to the New York Post. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and the Bidens have since adopted another puppy, Commander.