‘They Are Going To Storm The Border’: South Texas Braces For Migrant Surge As Title 42 Is Set To End

[Daily Caller/Jorge Ventura]

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Border patrol and local law enforcement officials in South Texas are preparing for an expected migrant surge once Title 42 comes to an end May 23.

The Biden administration announced April 1 that it will end the Trump-era policy that allowed the U.S. to swiftly expel migrants back to Mexico or their home country to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Also in April, Texas National Guard personnel reportedly began training in riot gear in preparation for potential unrest from migrants crossing illegally in May, according to Border Report.

“As many as 18K migrant apprehensions per day are projected upon the end of Title 42,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted April 6, just days after the announcement of the policy coming to an end.

Sources told the Daily Caller that between 7,000 and 1o,000 migrants are living in the Mexican town of Piedras Negras awaiting the end of Title 42 before crossing illegally into Eagle Pass, Texas. Despite the policy coming to an end in May, multiple groups of migrants still cross every day into Eagle Pass near the port of entry. Local law enforcement told the Daily Caller between 25-50 migrants cross illegally near the port of entry per hour. (RELATED: Alleged Human Smuggler Jumps Into Rio Grande To Avoid Arrest At Mexican Border)

Crossing through this sector is extremely dangerous as migrants must cross through the Rio Grande River to get to Eagle Pass. The Daily Caller spent several days on the ground in Eagle Pass documenting illegal crossings and witnessed multiple migrants almost drown crossing the Rio Grande River.

“If Title 42 goes away, we are going to have more tragedies down here,” said Maverick County Deputy Constable Frank Bowles.

On the Mexican side in Piedras Negras, alleged smugglers were seen guiding several migrants across the Rio Grande River and into Eagle Pass. Migrants told the Daily Caller they paid around $5,000 to be smuggled. The Daily Caller also spoke to migrants in Piedras Negras recently deported under Title 42 that said they will wait for the policy to come to an end before crossing again in May.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin has been critical of the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, telling the Daily Caller that ending Title 42 will be a disaster.

“They are going to storm the border,” said McLaughlin, referring to the migrants.

The frustrated mayor told the Daily Caller he is exploring a potential lawsuit against the Biden administration for releasing migrants in Uvalde in March.