Andy Dick’s Roommate Pulls A Gun During A Live Stream

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Andy Dick was in the middle of a live stream with fans Saturday when his roommate pulled a gun on another man and started shouting at him.

Dick reportedly currently shares living space in Las Vegas with YouTube personality Wappy Flanker, who grew upset by a male visitor arriving at the residence, according to a video shared by TMZ. Flanker pulled a gun out of the pocket of his pants and could be heard yelling at the other man during the live stream, saying, “Get out of my F—— house right now motherf—–, I have a gun, get the f— outta here!” the video shows, according to TMZ.

“Don’t shoot the gun!” Dick said a short time later, the video shows, according to TMZ. The live stream continued during the incident, prompting police to visit the residence to investigate the matter, the outlet reported.

The heated exchange between Flanker and the third man escalated more, with Flanker edging the third man out of the camera’s view, the video shared by TMZ shows. During that time, Dick was seated on a cot in full camera view.

“That’s it, you F—— kidnapper, extorter, mother-f—–, go!” Flanker yelled, according to the video reported by TMZ.

Flanker’s anger continued as he shouted, “Don’t F— with me dude, get out, I told you five times don’t come back, you got it?” according to the video shared by TMZ. By that time, the third man was no longer visible on camera.

The YouTube personality then gave the man a stern warning, saying, “Don’t come back here, dude, don’t do it. You better call before you do, don’t show up here uninvited,” according to the video. (RELATED: REPORT: Andy Dick Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon)

When things seemingly calmed down, Dick could be heard asking “Who is that guy?” Flanker responded by claiming, “It’s another extorter,” according to the video shared and reported on by TMZ.

Law enforcement sources allegedly revealed that police received a call from a live stream viewer that resulted in the welfare check by police, TMZ reported. The police spoke to Dick, who reportedly indicated he was content to remain in the home, according to the outlet.

Charges were not laid, according to TMZ.

Leena Nasir