Liberals Hyperventilate After Trump-Appointed Judge Deals Blow To The Mask Cult


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Some liberals seem to be losing their minds after a Trump-appointed judge struck down the mask mandate for planes.

Despite the fact that each individual may still choose to wear a mask if they so strongly desire, several liberals have taken to Twitter to express their grievance with Monday’s ruling.

Epidemiologist and “health economist” Eric Feigl-Ding said he would no longer fly with Alaska Airlines “until they reinstate public safety measures against #COVID19.”

Writer Charlotte Clymer was flabbergasted that she’d have to sit in an “enclosed space with 200 … breathing… strangers.”

Clymer said she would continue wearing her mask but “that’s all” she had to say about that. We patiently await further comment on her individual decision to mask up.

And if the option to wear a mask wasn’t scary enough, some liberals have targeted Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle as a means to express their feelings.

Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern was trying to verbalize how he would explain to friends in other “liberal democracies” how the system is “badly broken” that a judge “just abolished the air travel mask mandate for the entire country.”

Stern went on to say that “no sane democracy would permit” a single judge to issue an injunction “that affect millions of Americans’ health and safety.”

Self-described “progressive Democrat” and Massachusetts State Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa said every single American should be concerned that the federal government lost power to a court.

The founders would be proud to know their system of checks and balances is “really” concerning to elected officials. (RELATED: ‘I’m Not A Doctor’: Doocy And Psaki Butt Heads On Airplane Mask Policy)

Jeffrey Toobin, perhaps America’s most well-known masturbator, lamented the ruling.

In fact, some liberals have begun warning of violence toward individuals who choose to wear a mask despite zero evidence.

“A prediction about masking: Soon we’ll be seeing many incidents in which those who choose to protect themselves with KN95s etc face harassment, even violence. Because this was never about freedom.”

Mizelle ruled Monday the CDC’s mask mandate exceeds its statutory authority under the Administrative Procedure Act.

As of Tuesday, none of the airlines caved to the tantrums.