McEnany: How Can Biden Run For A Second Term If He Needs The Easter Bunny To Save Him From Reporters


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany questioned how President Joe Biden can run for a second term if he can be so easily led by someone dressed in an Easter Bunny costume.

McEnany’s comments on Tuesday’s episode of Fox’s “Outnumbered” come as footage of Biden shows him being “whisked away” after a crowd asked about Afghanistan during the White House’s Easter Egg roll on Monday. Biden can be seen and heard saying, “Pakistan should not… and Afghanistan should be…” before the Easter Bunny promptly draws him away from the reporters.

“Well there were a series of bizarre moments at the White House Easter Egg Roll. This was just one of them, when President Biden answered a reporter’s question on Afghanistan, when he was suddenly whisked away, get this, by the Easter Bunny,” McEnany told viewers and the “Outnumbered” panel. “This latest awkward moment comes as The Hill reports President Biden told former President Obama that he plans to run for a second term despite his lagging poll numbers.” (RELATED: Psaki Says Biden Wasn’t Casting Doubt On Legitimacy Of 2022 Election)

Fox News host Kennedy suggested that the Easter Bunny must be one of Biden’s “minders” to be able to “get right up in his grill.” Commentator Charlie Hurt followed up a little later in the clip saying “that footage of the bunny rabbit and the president is the perfect video of this presidency and of our times, it is so beyond absurd.”

McEnany then pivoted the conversation to the panel, focusing on the mysterious “they” that Biden has frequently referred to in public settings, as seen in the clip shared above.

“Coming out the mouth of the commander in chief, it just sounds ridiculous. Maybe once or twice, sure, but all it does is vests him of the power that we the people put into his hands. It makes him seem weak and ineffective and even more incompetent than he already is,” Fox New’s Emily Campagno said of Biden’s repeated use of “they.”

Hurt claimed there are potential constitutional issues of Biden repeating use of the term “they” when referring to an unknown group of people who allegedly tell him what to do in front of the public. Commentator Harris Faulkner noted that Biden does “speak his mind” on things, but that the press staff of the White House often have to come in and clean up what Biden has chosen to say.

Biden said Thursday that he was “ready” to go to Ukraine, to which White House press secretary Jen Psaki said “we are not sending the president to Ukraine.” Psaki also had to roll back Biden’s promise to Taiwan, suggesting that the U.S. would defend the island state.