Taylor Sheridan Takes Shots At Networks Trying To Copy The Success Of ‘Yellowstone’

Taylor Sheridan (Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images and Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Taylor Sheridan is very aware that people want to cash in on his success.

Sheridan is the genius brain behind “Yellowstone,” “1883,” “Wind River” and many other Hollywood projects, and the success of the Kevin Costner hit has resulted in more networks trying to make their own westerns. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Finale Shocks Fans With Major Death)

Most notably, Amazon recently premiered “Outer Range” with Josh Brolin, and it’s pretty solid! However, Sheridan doesn’t see people copying his template as a compliment.

“So I don’t know that it’s flattering, because I don’t think they’re doing it because ‘Yellowstone’ is good. They’re doing it because 15 million people watch it. And they’re like: ‘A lot of people watch Westerns. Let’s make Westerns,'” Sheridan said during a recent interview with Variety.


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The reality of the situation is that will be borderline impossible to replicate the success of “Yellowstone,” and the reason why is pretty simple.

Without Sheridan running the show, it’s going to be very difficult to get the kind of authenticity you need in order for fans to buy into the product.

Remember, “Yellowstone” didn’t blow up right away. It targeted a narrow demo in season one and played to people who have lived similar lives to what we see from the Duttons.

Once people who were actual ranchers and farmers bought in, words spread and the rest is history. You need an authenticity you can’t buy. It has to be real and Sheridan has it in spades.

Now, do I think “Outer Range” or other shows might be solid? For sure, but nothing has ever come close to touching “1883” or “Yellowstone.”

Until we see something on a similar level to what Sheridan has made, it’s all talk and nothing more.