BRANDON: Biden Wants Our Border Open, And Americans Know It

Adam Brandon Contributor
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Since Joe Biden assumed office, it’s been clear that his administration has no interest in securing the border.

In his first weeks as president, Biden signed executive orders rescinding President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” and “safe third country” border policies, both of which significantly curbed illegal immigration. But Biden initially kept in place one of Trump’s immigration policies: the use of U.S. Code Title 42, which gave immigration authorities the ability to prevent many attempted border crossers from being released into the U.S. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, that’s changing. Earlier this month, the Biden administration announced that it would end the enforcement of Title 42. Despite the fact that we are witnessing a record level of illegal immigration, Biden is claiming that the pandemic has waned to the point that turning away would-be border crossers is no longer necessary. Meanwhile, he still wants Americans to wear masks on planes despite record low cases.

None of this makes any scientific sense. But one thing is clear: Joe Biden wants our border to remain open. And a new survey conducted by pollster Scott Rasmussen shows that the vast majority of voters know Biden couldn’t care less about what’s happening at our southern border.

According to the poll, fewer than three in ten Americans say they support how President Biden is handling the border crisis. But an even more stunning number is that just 26% of respondents say they think Biden is even trying to secure the border. It’s clear that Biden and his media allies aren’t fooling anyone with their ridiculous claims that they’re trying to curb illegal immigration.

It’s no surprise that given the situation at the border, Americans are losing confidence in this administration. A new poll by Quinnipiac University found Biden’s approval rating has cratered to 33%, and that the president has just a 26% approval rating among Hispanic voters.

It’s difficult to understate how much Biden’s ending of Title 42 will encourage illegal immigration. Recent reports indicate immigration officials are bracing for up to 18,000 daily encounters with migrants on the border, which comes out to over 500,000 a month. This would be nearly a tripling of the current level of encounters, which are already breaking records.

Americans should be asking why the Biden administration is more eager to repeal COVID-19 restrictions for illegal immigrants than our own citizens. For months, we have heard about the necessity for mask and vaccine mandates, many of which still remain in place. However, there is no vaccine mandate for migrants at our Southern border, who will now be pouring into the U.S. unlawfully by the hundreds of thousands.

The reason for this isn’t complicated. The White House is perfectly happy to see the border open because this is an entirely political consideration, not a scientific one. Biden and his allies in the Democratic Party only care about expanding their own power, not doing what is in the best interest of the American people. That’s why they’ve decided to scrap the enforcement of Title 42.

Thankfully, voters aren’t believing these lies from the left. Joe Biden’s calls for “unifying the nation” and pursuing moderate policy, which he promoted on the campaign trail, are long gone. His administration has shown that not only are they incompetent, but they are doing exactly the opposite of what the American people want.

Nowhere is this more obvious than when we look at Biden’s bungling of the situation on the Southern border. Rather than blaming Trump for everything that goes wrong during his presidency, Biden should look in the mirror and take responsibility for this mess of his own making.

Regardless of whether that happens, we know the truth. The Biden administration wants an open border, which is why they have pursued these ill-conceived policies that clearly incentivize illegal immigration.

But while Biden and the Democrats want an open border, Americans don’t. Voters must make that fact known at the polls this November.

Adam Brandon is the president of FreedomWorks