EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Send Letter To Biden Admin Accusing Democrats Of Compromising Progress In Women’s Sports

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin and a group of House Republicans sent a letter Thursday to Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona calling on President Joe Biden’s administration to not follow through with the change in the definition of Title IX to include gender identity.

The letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, was Spearheaded by Mullin and signed by 21 other House Republicans. In the letter, they call on Cardona to “stand up for women” and urged against a proposed change to Title IX. President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to interpret Title IX as requiring schools to allow access to sex-segregated spaces and activities based on gender identity on his first day in office.

Biden’s executive order specifically mentions restrooms, locker rooms and sports in schools would be included. Biological girls would no longer have exclusive spaces to change their clothes or go to the bathroom, as biological males would also have access to those spaces if they identify as female.

Mullin, a father to six children who all wrestle and a former MMA fighter himself, said he could not imagine his daughters having to compete against a biological male in a contact sport.

“This change in definition will negate the very foundation on which this protection is based,” Mullin told the Daily Caller before sending the letter. “There will be no level playing field as 50 years of history and progress are erased. Since its introduction, there has been a significant increase in the number of women who participate in sports and go on to pursue them at a collegiate level. It’s a shame the president’s leftist agenda is willing to compromise this.”


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“As a father of three daughters involved in athletics, this is personal. I cannot imagine my daughters having to compete against a biological male in a contact sport,” Mullin continued. “You’re not just losing races; you’re going to get hurt.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Republicans Call On NCAA To Bar Biological Men From Women’s Sports)

At the end of March, a group of House Republicans called on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to bar biological men from competing in women’s sports, according to a letter obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Tuberville Break Down Why They Think Trans Athletes Shouldn’t Compete In Women’s Sports)

The letter was submitted to the athletic organization after transgender swimmer Lia Thomas beat female competitors and broke records in the NCAA Women’s Championship.