‘Political Parasite’: Tucker Carlson Mocks ‘Space Czar’ Kamala Harris For ‘Patronizing’ Everyone

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson mocked Vice President Kamala Harris’ “patronizing” remarks to Americans about outer space.

Carlson mocked Harris’ role as “space czar,” given that she serves as chair of the National Space Council, by playing footage of her talking to child actors about “exploring the unknown” and “literally seeing craters and the moon with your own eyes” in October.

“Now obviously, that’s nauseating, but then you think to yourself ‘well, she’s never had her own kids, maybe she doesn’t know how you talk to kids.’ Maybe she thinks you’re supposed to patronize kids to the point where they throw up in their own mouths,” Carlson said in response. “And she would never talk like that to an adult, because no one would put up with it. Oh, but you’d be wrong!”

“Kamala Harris is happy to talk that way to adults, including you,” he said.

Carlson then played footage of the vice president talking to members of the United States Space Force, where she called space “exciting” and a way of connecting everyone. The Daily Caller co-founder called her a “political parasite” with no sets of skills or “relevant life experience.”

“Space is exciting,” the vice president said. “It spurs our imaginations and forces us to ask big questions. Space, it affects us all and it connects us all.” (RELATED: ‘She Leaves You Pining For The Authentic Maternal Warmth Of Hillary Clinton’: Tucker Carlson Mocks ‘Phony’ Kamala Harris)

“Wouldn’t it be better for Kamala Harris to say ‘look, I don’t actually know anything, I’ve never done anything, I’ve just been a political parasite my entire life. I have no skills and no relevant life experience. You fly airplanes, maybe you can talk to me about what you do.’ Oh, but no. She’s talking about herself again,” Carlson continued.

He then pointed to Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, departing the West Wing, making her the 13th senior official to exit her office since assuming office in 2021. The vice president lost her former chief spokesperson, Symone Sanders, and former communications director, Ashley Etienne in the past year. Her deputy chief of staff, Michael Fuchs, is expected to depart the White House in May.