‘No Boring People’: Woman Goes Viral For These Ridiculous Wedding Rules


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A woman has sparked a massive online debate after sharing her 13 strict wedding rules despite not being engaged.

Kennedy Marks shared the clip titled “Wedding guest rules” to her TikTok a week ago and has continued to amass almost 2 million responses from internet users around the world. Marks, from the U.K., has been planning her wedding since she was about 8-years-old, like most women.

“My boyfriend is not proposing to me any time soon, and also doesn’t know any of these rules,” Marks tells her audience, before noting that given the expense that accompanies weddings, “she’s going to be a perfectionist on the day. Sorry.”

Marks starts her list with the classic rule, that only the bride should be wearing white on her wedding day, and any other guests who dare wear white will have a bottle of wine poured over them and removed, according to the TikTok video.

You can watch Part I of her rules video below.

@kennedymarks♬ original sound – Kennedy Marks

Number four was one of the biggest rules on the list: “no one make an announcement,” with examples including pregnancies, engagement, anything like that.

Number seven is the rule that has grabbed the most attention: “No boring people.” Mark defined boring people as folks who won’t get up and dance. (RELATED: Man Claims He Didn’t Realize He Was Stabbed By British Football Hooligans)

@kennedymarks♬ original sound – Kennedy Marks

At a surface level, Marks’ rules seem a bit extreme, but once she explains them they start to make a lot of sense. Her wedding sounds like it’s going to be a laugh, so hopefully, Rhys proposes to her soon.