6-Year-Old Severely Burned After Bully Allegedly Lit Tennis Ball On Fire, Threw It In His Face

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A six-year-old boy from Connecticut suffered second- and third-degree burns after a bully allegedly lit a tennis ball on fire and threw it in the child’s face, NBC News reported Wednesday.

Dominick Krankall was playing in his family’s backyard when the bully, who was not identified, “lured him around the corner” and the alleged incident happened, Krankall’s sister, Kayla Deegan, said, according to NBC News. Following the incident, the child returned home and told his mother that the bully had lit him on fire, Deegan said, the outlet reported.


The incident occurred Sunday and allegedly involved the boy’s 8-year-old neighbor, NBC News reported. The child allegedly found gasoline and a lighter in a shed, lit a tennis ball on fire and threw it at Krankall after calling his name, the family said. The 8-year-old then purportedly “ran away and watched [Dominick] burn,” Deegan said.

On the same day, four unsupervised children were spotted playing with gas and lighting some things on fire, according to the Bridgeport Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, NBC News indicated. (RELATED: World-Famous Martial Artist Teaches Kids To Counter Bullying In Book)

Deegan reacted to the incident involving her younger brother, alleging this isn’t the first time he’s gotten hurt at the hands of the other child.

“Two months ago under the bully’s mother’s supervision, he was pushed into a wall and fell to the floor,” Deegan told NBC New York. “And again, the mother refuses to admit her kid did it.”

“It’s heartbreaking, it’s sickening to know the family. There’s nothing being done about this,” Deegan reportedly continued. “This needs to be seen everywhere so everyone knows Dom’s story and what he had to go through, and the extent it went to for someone to hopefully do something.”

Krankall was taken to the hospital following the alleged incident and is expected to recover despite his injuries, according to NBC News.

Krankall’s family has created a GoFundMe page to pay for his medical bills and new housing that has raised over $83,000 dollars in donations, the CT Post reported. Police are continuing to investigate the incident, the outlet also reported.