‘Thoughtful Moderation’: Leaked Audio Reportedly From Twitter Board Meeting Released By Project Veritas


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Project Veritas released leaked audio Tuesday reportedly from a company-wide meeting at Twitter to address Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform.

The audio contains statements reportedly made by Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and CMO Leslie Berland on April 25, 2022. Agrawal essentially admits in the audio that Twitter was “able to make the conversation” on the platform using “tools, processes” and that the company plans to continue these practices through “thoughtful moderation.”

“Elon made it clear in public that a large part of the reason he bought the platform was because of our moderation policies and disagreements in how we deal with health,” Berland reportedly says in the clip. “This puts Twitter service and trust and safety as well as anybody who cares about health on the platform in a very difficult position.” (RELATED: Terrorist Organization Bans Major Social Media Platform, Limiting Connection With Outside World)

A number of prominent researchers and medical professionals were removed from Twitter throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Dr. Robert W. Malone, despite their credentials in vaccine development. Fox News host and Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson was also censored earlier this year for pointing out the accuracy of Tweets from the satirical outlet the Babylon Bee and commentator Charlie Kirk.

“I believe Twitter grows as a service, allows for more people to use the product and have a better experience because we’re able to make the conversation on Twitter be safe because we have built tools, processes for people to be able to feel safe and control their experiences,” Agrawal reportedly says in the full audio recording. “I believe that there is a lot of work we have to do to continue making that better.

“Sometimes that means more thoughtful moderation. Sometimes that means making things simpler. Sometimes that means changing product incentives to be able to solve problems through products sometimes instead of policies,” he continued.


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Tech billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter for $54.20 a share on Monday. Countless users have threatened to leave the platform since the purchase. Conservatives have reported significant spikes in user activity and engagement since the takeover, according to the New York Post.