Musk Wants To Bring ‘Maximum Fun’ To Twitter But Warns Conservatives Might Be A ‘Little Unhappy’ Too

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Elon Musk said Wednesday that he wants to “maximize” fun on Twitter but warned despite the backlash from leftists over his purchase of the platform, Republicans may soon be a “little unhappy” too.

Musk first tweeted his wish to “make Twitter maximum fun.”

It appeared Musk himself wanted to get the ball rolling, tweeting he would be next be “buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in.” He then retweeted a doctored photo appearing to show a tweet from his account that read “now I’m going to buy McDonald’s and fix all of the ice cream machines.”

Musk joked he “can’t do miracles.”

Musk had earlier tweeted about his vision for the platform. (RELATED: Musk Trolls Trump)

“For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.”

Musk then responded to a tweet from Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, who mocked leftists’ reactions to Musk’s takeover.

“Attacks are coming thick and fast, primarily from the left, which is no surprise, however I should be clear that the right will probably be a little unhappy too. My goal is to maximize area under the curve of total human happiness, which means the ~80% of people in the middle,” he said.

It’s unclear what exact plans Musk has in place for the platform.

Musk finalized the deal Monday with Twitter to purchase the platform for a whopping $44 billion, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing. Under the agreement, Musk “shall be permitted to issue Tweets about the Merger or the transactions contemplated hereby so long as such Tweets do not disparage the Company or its Representatives.”