EXCLUSIVE: GOP Campaign Arm To Sell Biden-Themed Gas Canisters As Gas Prices Stay High

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) will sell gas canisters calling attention to the rising price of fuel under the Biden administration, a promotional memorandum exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

The RSLC, which promotes GOP candidates in state-level races, is the latest organization to use gas stations and rising prices in their campaign efforts. National average gas prices reached $4.13 per gallon Wednesday, up $1.15 year-over-year. Prices hit an all-time high of $4.33 per gallon March 11, according to AAA data. (RELATED: Gas Prices Hit All-Time High As White House Turns To Dictators For Help)

The canister includes a picture of Biden with the caption, “Fuel up now before gas hits $10/gal.” An accompanying digital ad, also viewed by the Daily Caller, notes President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, scrapping the project.

Photo via Republican State Leadership Committee

“Joe Biden and his liberal allies in the states continue to drive up gas prices with their war on domestic energy production, and Americans simply cannot afford the pain Democrats are causing at the pump,” RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo told the Daily Caller. “The solution to lowering gas prices is electing more Republicans in the states who can hold the line against Biden’s failing agenda, but until then we hope Americans make use of these canisters and start filling up extra before gas prices skyrocket even further.”

The Republican National Committee announced in March that it would hold voter registration drives at gas stations as part of its campaign efforts. Florida Republican House candidate Anna Paulina Luna has also registered voters at gas stations in St. Petersburg.

The Biden administration has repeatedly blamed international turmoil, most notably Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, for high gas prices. Top left-wing officials, including Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Democratic Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky, also claim that oil companies are engaging in price gouging. Conservatives and energy companies, however, cite an uncertain regulatory environment, as well as the administration’s refusal to sell oil and natural gas leases on public lands.

An ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted in early April found that 71% of Americans blame Russian President Vladimir Putin a “great deal” or “good amount” for increased prices, 68% blame oil companies a “great deal” or “good amount” for increased prices and 51% blame Biden a “great deal” or “good amount.” Half of Americans are experiencing at least some financial hardships as a result of increased prices.