‘You Give These People 5-6 Questions!’: Reporter Tries To Derail Psaki Over And Over Again

Screenshot/ Washington Post/Youtube

Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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A reporter interrupted White House press secretary Jen Psaki several times Thursday to ask about pro-life tax payers funding abortion, but never got called on.

“You’re going down the row, and you’re giving these people five and six questions. I get one, don’t I? And the people back here too,” Owen Jensen, correspondent for the Eternal World Television Network, said, initially shouting over another reporter’s question.

“Sir, we don’t … I think if you could sit here and be respectful of your colleagues here, that might work better,” Psaki said. “Sir, sir, I think he’s the next question,” she said, pointing at a different reporter.

“You’re being very disrespectful,” someone else in the briefing room was heard saying, while Jensen continued to try to ask his question.

Jensen tried to get his question in again multiple times throughout the White House briefing. (RELATED: ‘You Are Saying Something That Is False’: Reporter Explodes On Psaki In Tense Exchange)

“So, again, my question: Why does President Biden believe pro-life taxpayers, Catholics among them, should fund Title X clinics that advise women how to get abortions?” he said, speaking over another reporter.

Psaki proceeded to ignore him as she listened to a different reporter’s question.

Jensen tried to ask Psaki the question two more times during the briefing, speaking over another reporter, but did not get called on.

Someone in the room was heard saying “it’s disrespectful” while he tried asking Psaki for the fourth time.