Alec Baldwin Calls For Gun Control In Viral Instagram Post

Alec Baldwin (Credit: Erik Thomas/Pool via REUTERS and SWEN STUDIOS/Handout via REUTERS)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alec Baldwin has decided it’s a good idea for him to weigh in on the Second Amendment in America.

Baldwin has been accused of allegedly shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins in a tragic event while filming the movie “Rust.” The weapon the actor was holding was loaded with live ammo and the subsequent shot killed the young woman.

Despite the fact you’d think he would never want to publicly discuss weapons given the situation he’s in, it turns out he doesn’t mind calling for gun control for other people!

In a Friday morning Instagram post, Baldwin wrote, “The very childhoods of our kids interrupted by this insanity. We regulate many things in this country in the interest of public health and safety. Drugs, cars, professional licenses, etc. We need gun control reform. Now.”

You can see the full post below.


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It is amazing how tone-deaf Baldwin is and how he apparently lacks any self-awareness. Nobody thinks the killing of Hutchins was done on purpose.

It was clearly a horrific accident, and her family deserves answers. Despite the fact it was a tragic accident doesn’t mean that Baldwin should start spouting off about how the country needs gun control.

No matter your thoughts on the issue (I’m very pro-2A), I think all rational people can agree the pro-gun control movement doesn’t want Alec Baldwin as its spokesman.

In fact, I can’t think of a worse person to do the job. When you’ve allegedly shot and killed a woman, you should probably never lecture law-abiding citizens about needing “gun control reform.”

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