REPORT: Marine Veteran Dies Fighting Russians, Leaves Behind Wife And 7-Month-Old Son

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Marine veteran died in Ukraine while helping fight off Russians, the veteran’s widow told Fox News digital Friday.

Twenty-two-year-old veteran Willy Joseph Cancel worked part time for a private military contracting company while working full time as a corrections officer, Fox News reported. When the war broke out in Ukraine, the company asked for contractors to head overseas, and Cancel agreed. Cancel flew to Poland on March 12 before entering Ukraine between March 12 and 13, according to the report.

“My husband did die in Ukraine,” Cancel’s wife, Brittany, told Fox News. “He went there wanting to help people, he had always felt that that was his main mission in life.” (RELATED: ‘His Legs Were Gone’: Canadian Sniper Wali Describes Worst Day Of Fighting In Ukraine)

Cancel said her husband “had dreams and aspirations of being a police officer or joining FDNY. Naturally when he found out about what was happening in Ukraine he was eager to volunteer.

Cancel leaves behind his wife and his seven-month old son.

“My husband was very brave and a hero,” Cancel told Fox News. “I did not expect to be a widow at 23 years-old or for our son to be without a father. All I want is for him to come home, and to give him the proper burial he deserves.”

President Joe Biden is pushing Congress for an additional $33 billion to help Ukraine. The money would go toward “security, economic, and humanitarian aid,” with Biden describing the bill as necessary “to support Ukraine in this fight for freedom.”