Brandeis University Pressures Students To Pledge Allegiance To Diversity

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Samuel Nathan Contributor
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The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University is urging its students to publicly pledge allegiance to diversity and inclusion.

“I Pledge: To be aware of my own biases against people who are different from me” and “To intentionally and consistently act to address societal inequity and injustice in the broader community,” reads the pledge on the campus website.

Students are also urged to “Pledge to work for a world in which everyone is free to be who they are and can lead fulfilling lives, without having to overcome discrimination.”

It is recommended that “Heller students, faculty and staff reaffirm this pledge and post a signed copy on their office doors,” according to the campus website.

“As a graduate school dedicated to social justice, Heller has a duty to confront the racial injustice that pervades our social policies, our institutions, and even our school community,” says Dean David Weil of the Heller school. (RELATED: Diversity Council Resigns Following Ban On Teaching That Any Group Is ‘Inherently Racist’)

The College Fix asked Brandeis if the Heller Diversity Pledge was mandatory for students, but a representative did not respond.

Brandeis University is also encouraging its students to take a “Green Pledge,” a promise to “Discuss climate change with friends and family,” among other actions.