Eric Adams Wears ‘End Gun Violence’ Tuxedo To Met Gala


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams lived out his Met Gala dreams by arriving on the red carpet Monday, all while delivering an anti-gun message that the world could not ignore.

The politically charged statement on the Mayor’s suit was ‘all Met Gala’ at the front, and very ‘message based’ at the back. The front of his suit was a classic black and white elegant look, while the back took more of a splash. Big, bold letters revealed the message: “END GUN VIOLENCE” and drew a flurry of attention.

Adams was accompanied by his girlfriend, Tracey Collins, who opted for a flowing, white dress that included a very detailed strapline, and revealed chick arm cut-outs, reflecting a feminine, airy fashion statement. (RELATED: Ocasio-Cortez Touts ‘Working Class’ Background During Vogue Interview At Lavish Met Gala)

The heavy messaging on the back of Adams’ suit was the first politically-themed fashion statement to hit the Met Gala red carpet and has already generated widespread attention online.