Katy Perry’s Fashion Fail Made Her Fall On The ‘American Idol’ Stage

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Katy Perry posted her own epic fashion fail on Instagram, revealing a video of herself falling on the “American Idol” stage while dressed in a very elaborate mermaid outfit Monday.

Perry was the only one of the judges who dressed up for the competition’s annual Disney night, and she went all out with her costume by dressing up as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” as seen in the Instagram video. She wore a bright red wig, and her costume was complete with a mermaid tail that she propped onto the table while she sat down.

Everything seemed fine until Perry leaned back in her chair, lost her balance and tumbled to the floor, with her mermaid tail still visibly upright, and the rest of her body sprawled on the floor. Unable to do much more than squirm in her costume, Perry required the assistance of her fellow judges to get back into her seat. Perry was holding a prop of Ariel’s fork in her hand, and she hit the ground so hard it was bent out of shape.


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The costume’s mermaid tail was so elaborate that Perry had to be wheeled onto the stage at the start of the show, as she was completely unable to walk in the outfit, according to Entertainment Tonight. Sitting also proved to be difficult, and as she fell out of her seat, a loud thud could be heard. There was an audible gasp from the live audience as they observed the fall, as seen in the video.

At the moment she tumbled, Ryan Seacrest was in the middle of announcing the Top 10 competitors in the show, and he abruptly stopped mid-sentence and gasped. Seacrest had a panicked look on his face as he made his way over to Perry. (RELATED: ‘American Idol’ Winner Turns Himself In After Warrant Issued For His Arrest)

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Fellow Judge Blake Shelton pointed at Perry while laughing hysterically, before eventually attempting to assist her off the floor.

Perry also seemed to be laughing, and was soon propped back into her chair with assistance from Seacrest, Shelton and co-host Lionel Richie.

Perry has been known to wear dramatic costumes during her reign as an “American Idol” judge, according to Entertainment Tonight. However, the mermaid tail on this particular costume proved to be too challenging to navigate. “This tail is a little bit heavy, and I have had to use the restroom for a while,” she said during an interview with the outlet.