CARNEY: Weaponizing Words In The War For America’s Children

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Amy Carney Contributor
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Education higher-ups, woke corporations and Democrat politicians are using words as their weapons in the culture war against parents and their children.

When parents voice their disdain for critical race theory (CRT), public school bureaucrats rebrand it as social-emotional learning (SEL). When moms and dads question SEL, the woke alliance relabels it “mental health.” When school officials say that they aren’t teaching the 1619 Project, it’s because they’ve signed up for online services that push the same ideas under a different name instead.

There is a rename game going strong in public school districts throughout America, and parents are calling it out for what it is: an attempt to push parents out of the classroom once and for all. Undercover journalists reportedly caught various Idaho school officials mocking parents’ concerns and fessing up to their rebranding tactics.

Nampa School District Instructional Coach Cindy Dion admitted on hidden camera her school’s attempt to circumvent parental concerns. “We’re just learning how to worm around all of those weird things that are out there,” voiced Ms. Dion. “Social-emotional learning – we can’t say that here anymore. We already had a big blow-up with that. So, it’s just our mental health curriculum now,” she said, according to the video.

According to Dion, Newsela is one of the sources her district uses to teach similar aspects of the 1619 Project without admitting that they are using the concepts of the banned curriculum in the classrooms. Newsela is a content website that takes articles from publications such as The Washington Post and The Associated Press, rewrites them for five levels of reading and publishes them online as supplementary teaching materials.

Dion also admitted that school officials are hiding things from parents and government officials as well. She mentioned that the lieutenant governor “did a big search for CRT everywhere and found zero.” She also said, “I’ll just tell her about the adopted stuff, not all the extra stuff.”

Fortunately, parents have wizened up to the rename game being played in their local school districts. Moms and dads across America have witnessed their children’s schools insist that they aren’t teaching an ideological curriculum while, in reality, it’s being ushered into classrooms under fluctuating labels.

Longtime educator and former elementary school principal Melissa Langan is the current Chief Academic Officer for Idaho’s Caldwell School District. After her district’s superintendent intentionally swapped the label of social-emotional learning for behavior adaptations, Ms. Langan was allegedly caught on camera saying that renaming the controversial curricula in schools is nothing short of “brilliant.”

The rename game goes beyond just the outright deception of parents. All across the country, woke corporations and schools are changing the very words we use to refer to one another. They do this under the guise of “inclusion” and “diversity,” but, really, their only goal is to eliminate the idea of men and women being different from one another altogether.

The Walt Disney Company, for example, is phasing out gendered guest greetings in order to promote “inclusion” in their, at one point, family-focused theme parks. Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware explained that park goers will no longer hear “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls” in the park’s greetings. Instead, Disney patrons will be referred to as “everyone,” “friends” or “dreamers of all ages.”

We can’t ignore these changes any longer. Parental rights in America are under assault by so-called “experts.” Parents are in the middle of a battle for their children against administrators, politicians, special interest groups, the CDC and woke corporations like Disney, to name just a few. They are exhausting an insurmountable amount of time and money under the guise of “expertise” to push their wokeness onto our children. They’re simply uncomfortable leaving it to parents to be the ones to nurture their children through difficult “age appropriate” conversations, as prescribed in Florida House Bill 1557, the Parental Rights Bill.

No matter how much the woke education alliance tries to rebrand and disguise their attempts to indoctrinate our children, the truth is not on their side, and parents are seeing right through their rename game more and more each day. Parents have the fundamental right to direct the care, upbringing, and education of their children. They must stay engaged and alert to the manipulated language used by public school leaders and corporate executives, and try as best they can to spend their hard earned money on education and entertainment that better aligns with their values. We have no other option but to continue to challenge these bullies and demand that they back off and stay in their own lanes–because these are our children to raise, not theirs.

Amy Carney is the deputy director of Building Education for Students Together, a project of FreedomWorks.