Vice News Highlights Horse Pills For Abortion After Bashing Ivermectin Users

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Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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Vice News published an article Tuesday highlighting abortion pills from “veterinary sources” after previously criticizing those who took animal versions of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

Following the report that the Supreme Court intends to undo Roe vs. Wade, potentially leading to increased abortion restrictions in some states, activists took to social media to promote at-home abortion procedures, including certain chemical cocktails which can be used to induce abortion.

Vice News’ technology vertical, Motherboard, highlighted a method promoted by an anarchist collective that encourages women to use a veterinary pill used to treat ulcers in horses to induce abortions.

“Besides being used to medically induce abortions, misoprostol is also used to treat ulcers in horses. This makes misoprostol powder relatively easy to acquire from veterinary sources,” the Vice article reads. “(This is reminiscent of ivermectin, which is used to control parasites in horses but also became a favored — but ineffective — COVID treatment among conspiracy theorists. Ivermectin’s use in horses made it easier for humans to get without a prescription.)”

Vice’s coverage of Ivermectin supporters using horse medicine was not as charitable. An August 2021 headline from the site said people are “poisoning themselves” with a COVID treatment “meant for horses”.

“Ivermectin can be purchased at animal feed stores and online shops like It’s been flaunted as a ‘cure-all’ to COVID-19 in conspiracy groups,” that article says. “All of this is false, as the animal version of ivermectin is toxic to human beings, especially at the levels self-curers are taking it.”

Vice admits it cannot vouch for the safety of inducing abortions with at-home chemical cocktails featuring horse ulcer pills. However, “if Roe is overturned, we are going to see more people seeking DIY abortion methods, which will include making their own abortion pills,” the article said. (RELATED: Kentucky’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Blocked By Federal Judge)

Misoprostol, the human version, is one half of the protocol for inducing abortion via pills. The majority of clinical data indicates that Ivermectin is not an effective treatment for COVID-19.