‘Racist, Misogynist Jerkfaces’: Elie Mystal Rages About Founding Fathers After Reported Roe Decision


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Left-wing journalist Elie Mystal said Tuesday on “The ReidOut” that the Founding Fathers did not recognize abortion as a fundamental right because they were “racist misogynists.”

“Alito’s fundamental legal reasoning is that abortion is not a fundamental right because it doesn’t go back to the founding because the Founding Fathers didn’t recognize abortion as a fundamental right and he’s right about that,” Mystal, a writer for the liberal magazine The Nation, said. “The Founding Fathers didn’t recognize abortion as a fundamental right because the Founding Fathers were racist, misogynist jerkfaces who didn’t believe that women have any rights at all! So of course they didn’t believe that women have rights to their own bodies.”

“The Founding Fathers didn’t believe that marital rape was a thing! Couldn’t be a thing according to the Founding Fathers, according to Sam Alito,” he continued. “So that’s the history that Sam Alito is accessing.”

Associate Justice Samuel Alito authored the draft of the majority opinion in February that is slated to overturn the 1973 landmark decision Roe v. Wade, which prohibits states from restricting abortion access up to the point of fetal viability which occurs between 22-24 weeks of gestation. Alito reportedly referred to the decision as “egregiously wrong from the start.”

Mystal claimed a woman’s right to abortion access is protected under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which he said overcame the Founders’ “infinite wrongness.” (RELATED: ‘Their Slavers’s Organizing Document Is Trash’: Reporter Says We Should Throw Out Constitution For Something ‘More Inclusive’)

“Look, either you believe that the Founding Fathers in their infinite wrongness were overcome by the Fourteenth Amendment which guarantees equal protection to all people in this country or you don’t. And if you don’t believe that the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees women rights to their own reproductive system just like a man has a right to his own reproductive system. If you don’t believe that, then we are living in a situation where women have second class citizen status.”

“If you do believe that the Fourteenth Amendment worked, then Samual Alito’s legal reasoning is laughable on its face and wrong,” he concluded.

Mystal previously called the U.S. Constitution “kinda trash” during a March 4 appearance on “The View,” claiming the document was authored by “slavers, colonists and white people.”

“It’s kind of trash,” Mystal responded. “It was written by slavers and colonists and white people who were willing to make deals with slavers and colonists. They didn’t ask anybody who looked like me what they though about the Constitution. They didn’t say, ‘Oh, Jim, come over here, what do you think about this old Constitution?’ … This document was written without the consent of black and brown people in this country and without the consent of women in this country.”