REPORT: Kamala Harris’s Team Scrambled To Change First White House Speech Since SCOTUS Leak About Abortion

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Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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Vice President Kamala Harris and her team did multiple revisions to her Tuesday speech at the EMILY’s List conference in light of the Monday leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on abortion rights, according to Politico.

Harris was scheduled to speak at the gala for the abortion rights organization before the apparent draft opinion showing the initial majority opinion of the court voted to strike down Roe v. Wade was published by Politico. She then changed her speech using multiple drafts, according to the outlet, which cited one anonymous White House official.

“If the court overturns Roe v. Wade, it will be a direct assault on freedom, on the fundamental right of self-determination,” Harris said.

“Those Republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women. Well, we say: ‘How dare they? How dare they tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body?'” Harris continued.

“How dare they? How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future? How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms?” she added.

President Joe Biden did not deliver a speech on the leak Tuesday or Monday, instead publishing a statement and taking questions from reporters before boarding Air Force One. Biden attempted to rally voters to vote Democrat in November to protect the federal right to abortion. (RELATED: REPORT: Justice Roberts ‘Likely’ To Order FBI Investigation Into SCOTUS Leak)

“It will fall on our nation’s elected officials at all levels of government to protect a woman’s right to choose,” Biden said in his statement. “And it will fall on voters to elect pro-choice officials this November. At the federal level, we will need more pro-choice Senators and a pro-choice majority in the House to adopt legislation that codifies Roewhich I will work to pass and sign into law.”

“If this decision holds, it’s really quite a radical decision,” he said to reporters, according to the Associated Press.

On Wednesday, Biden said, “this is about a lot more than abortion” while taking questions from reporters, and said abortion was a fundamental right coming from “being a child of God.”