A Sex-Filled Vacation With Prostitutes Sells For $4,500 A Ticket

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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“Sex Island” is a 4-day private party in an undisclosed location near Las Vegas beginning May 5, for the 50 ticketholders that could afford the $4,500 price tag.

The party is being marketed as an orgy that has engaged the services of 100 prostitutes and touts “unlimited sex without a condom” as a perk being offered to guests, according to the New York Post. The event is hosted by an organization called “Good Girls Company” that advertises services such as “the most beautiful and sexiest women, unlimited sex, drug-friendly environment, free alcohol, sexual surprises,” and more, according to their website.

The company also claims to take care of the security for their partygoers, and references their event as “Heaven On Earth.”

This raunchy multi-day party also has some built-in safety measures in place. The website assures guests that “All the girls are tested in at the resort for all HIV’s and STD’s,” and goes on to state, “We now offer on-site HIV & STD testing. Results within 2 hours. Therefore if clients opt-in and do the on-site test at our resort. Clients will have the opportunity to have sex with the girls without a condom. ( all girls are on Birth Control ).”

The hosts boast that “At any moment you can switch girls with the other 50 guests,” and invites females to join the party with their significant others,” according to the website. (RELATED: California Mom Allegedly Hosted Boozy Sex Parties With Teenagers)

For those seeking a thrill, but requiring confidentiality, the hosts claim to have that angle covered.

“All of our clients’ personal information is completely confidential and will not be revealed to anyone outside of the event. To protect the privacy of our girls and our client’s pictures are not allowed to be taken during the event,” they state on the website.

A “sensual helicopter ride,” and horseback riding are among the extra events that guests are welcome to participate in, but some weary consumers aren’t ready to invest their money in this party just yet.

But some skeptics say the event sounds too good to be true. A video posted by Scam Detector alleges that some eager customers purchased tickets to the event in previous years, only to discover it was canceled just prior to the start date.