Teacher Who Won South Carolina Teacher Of The Year, BMW Advocates For CRT

[Screenshot/YouTube/South Carolina Department of Education]

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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The educator who won South Carolina’s 2023 Teacher of the Year award publicly acknowledged that he taught through an “antiracist lens,” according to the teacher’s Twitter account.

South Carolina’s Education Department tapped high school English teacher Deion Jamison to be the state’s Teacher of the Year. Jamison teaches English at Legacy Early College, a high school in Greenville, according to the educator’s LinkedIn.

Those honored as Teacher of the Year receive $25,000 and a brand-new BMW for the year, according to a local news outlet. South Carolina’s Teacher of the Year reportedly serves as an ambassador and spokesperson for the more than 55,000 educators statewide.

In the past five years, Jamison praised the “anti-racist” ideology, one that is synonymous with the core tenets of critical race theory. Jamison tweeted in 2020 that he enjoyed reading anti-racist scholar Ibram X. Kendi’s book “Stamped.” He vowed to use the book as his “foundation” for classroom learning and said he was fundraising to get the book for students.

“My plan is to use this book as the foundation for my class as we explore other pieces of literature through an antiracist lens,” Jamison said. (RELATED: School Admin: Take ‘A More Aggressive Approach’ To Teaching CRT, LGBTQ Ideology)

Jamison also questioned whether ideologies and educational systems in the U.S. “favor a group and hinder a group.”

“As advocates for education, we need to ask ourselves (and policymakers) what systems and ideologies are we trying to uphold with restrictions to curricula and materials,” Jamison tweeted.

Jamison also posted a picture of his ninth-grade classroom that showcased the words “lack of equity” written on the whiteboard.

The educator is a registered Democrat, according to a voter registration review conducted by the Daily Caller. (RELATED: Biden Tells Teachers That Kids Are ‘Like Yours When They’re In The Classroom’)

Jessica Anderson, the executive director at Heritage Action, told the Daily Caller that leftists are rewarding teachers who teach divisive topics and this is yet another example.

“The Left is weaponizing public education with hateful and divisive CRT curriculum and now, apparently, rewarding teachers with cash and luxury cars if they push their political agenda,” Anderson said.

“As parents, our request is very simple: we want education, not indoctrination, for our children,” Anderson continued. “If this is South Carolina’s pick to represent other teachers and serve as a role model for students, parents should be very concerned.”

Deion Jamison did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.