Psaki Does Not Give Direct Answer If Biden Wants Pro-Abortion Protesters To Influence SCOTUS Justices

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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White House press secretary Jen Psaki did not directly answer whether President Joe Biden wants pro-abortion protesters to influence the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade.

“Does the president want protesters to influence Supreme Court justices so that they uphold Roe?” a reporter asked during a Friday trip aboard Air Force One.

“The president believes in peaceful protest. He believes that’s part of our democracy and part of the history of the United States in this country,” the press secretary said. “But he also respects and understands the independence of the third branch of government, and obviously the Justice Department, and also the role of the Supreme Court and what they play. So, I wouldn’t say he has a view on that. He believes in peaceful protest but they’re going to make decisions they make and we’re not going to prejudge a final opinion.”

Protesters have gathered in front of the Supreme Court and around the country in opposition to the leaked draft of the majority opinion set to overturn Roe v. Wade. Law enforcement throughout the nation have prepared for potential violence by addressing threat trends in order to prevent protesters and counter-protesters from clashing.

Pro-abortion advocated reportedly vandalized a pro-life pregnancy center in Portland, Oregon on Monday in response to the reported Roe decision, LifeNews reported. Protesters in Los Angeles also surrounded police vehicles while a handful threw rocks at officers, leading to one hospitalization. (RELATED: Psaki Dodges Question Asking If White House Condemns SCOTUS Leak)

A left-wing group called “Ruth Sent Us” published the addresses of the six conservative justices of the high court in preparation of organizing large protests in front of their homes, then announced May 11 protests in front of their homes to demonstrate against their “extremist” values.

Psaki refused to condemn the group’s doxxing of the justices at a Thursday press briefing, claiming the White House supports and encourages peaceful protest.

“We obviously want people’s privacy to be respected. We want people to protest peacefully if they want to — to protest,” Psaki said. “That is certainly what the President’s view would be.”

The FBI detailed how abortion-related protests have turned to violence in the past, with a recorded eleven murders taking place by “pro-life extremists” since 1993, Politico reported.

Security officials constructed an 8-foot barrier in front of the Court building this week in preparation for mass protests and possible violence, NBC 4 Washington reported.