Cumberbatch Can’t Let Go Of Sam Elliott’s ‘Gay Western’ Comments On SNL


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is clearly not over his beef with Sam Elliott after not-so-subtly referencing him twice while hosting Saturday Night Live.

The actor’s feud started after Elliott went viral for calling Cumberbatch’s Oscar losing film “The Power of  the Dog” was a “piece of sh*t,” among other hilarious comments. Elliott subsequently apologized for his comments, but not before the film’s director and stars used the media virality to draw attention to the terrible Western.

During his SNL opening monologue on Saturday, Cumberbatch joked that the writers of the hit comedy skit show mostly pitched him sketches on “Dr. Strange,” his latest movie, but Cumberbatch told them that he’d “been in other films.” He then mentioned “The Power of The Dog,” and joked that the writers said “nobody saw it.”

“I said, come on, man, I was nominated for an Oscar for that. I mean, I didn’t win,” Cumberbatch told the audience, “I was beat by Will Smith. No, not physically!” (RELATED: Filmmaker Jane Campion Proves Sam Elliott Is More Interesting Than Her Gay Western)

Cumberbatch then channeled his inner Elliott in a subsequent sketch entitled “Blue Bunny.” Cumberbatch’s character in the sketch is an older American man with a deep drawl, firm beliefs, and looks almost exactly the same as Elliott — mustache and all. The sketch fell flat, but was certainly a nod to Elliott.