Kendrick Lamar’s New Video Highlights Entertainment, Sports Worlds’ Biggest Scandals And Tragedies

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kendrick Lamar released a new single “The Heart Part 5” on Sunday, and in the video, he takes on the image of various celebrities, highlighting some of entertainment’s most difficult moments.

The unique video depicted a total transformation of Lamar’s face as he took on the personas of Will Smith, Kanye West, Jussie Smollett, Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle and O.J. Simpson. His fast-spitting lyrics quickly touched on the explosive scandals and tragedies that surrounded each of the artists he mimicked, as seen in the video. Lamar rapped about the most significant stories that surrounded each of these celebrities, and unearthed some of the biggest headlines that ever highlighted the world of entertainment.

High-quality editing was used to transition Lamar’s face into that of the other artists he was impersonating. As he took on the identity of O.J. Simpson, the video shows Lamar dropping lyrics about a “bulletproof Rover.” This was an apparent reference to the Ford Bronco that Simpson used as his getaway vehicle in the now infamous low-speed chase in 1994.

Standing against a maroon backdrop, Lamar then took on the identity of Kanye West and discussed his work ethic, while also mentioning the topic of being bipolar.

Just as quickly as he became Kanye West, Lamar turned himself into Jussie Smollett, saying “history repeats again,” and goes onto reveal the lyrics, “the streets got me fucked up.” (RELATED: REPORT: Pastor Sues Kanye West For Alleged Copyright Infringement)


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Lamar then dove right in to the topic of Will Smith’s Oscars slap on Chris Rock, proving the release of his single is up to speed on the world of entertainment’s most current events. His face was edited to resemble Smith’s as he sang, “In the land where hurt people hurt more people. Fuck calling it culture,” as seen in the video.