REPORT: ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ Novelist May Have Killed Husband, According To Cellmate


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The author of “How to Murder Your Husband,” Nancy Crampton Brophy, stands accused of murdering her husband in real life and allegedly confessed to the crime while in prison.

Crampton Brophy, a self-published novelist and blogger, is accused of shooting her husband in an Oregon Culinary Institute classroom in 2018 and is currently on trial for the murder, according to OregonLive. Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Shawn Overstreet claims that Crampton Brophy described how she murdered her husband in detail to a cellmate, the local outlet continued.

The cellmate, Andrea Jacobs, allegedly told detectives that Crampton Brophy admitted to shooting her husband in the back and chest at close range. Jacobs also allegedly told detectives that Crampton Brophy became embarrassed after confessing to the murder and that their relationship became “very awkward,” according to the outlet. It is unclear whether Jacobs will be brought in to testify in the trial, as she currently resides in a Texas federal prison camp, Overstreet said, according to OregonLive. (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘The Thing About Pam’ Is The Most Bizarre True Crime Show Of 2022)

The self-published novelist allegedly committed the murder for $1.5 million life insurance, which would mitigate her impending financial ruin, OregonLive continued. The prosecution also alleges that she spent $15,000 on parts for a ghost gun in 2017, Fox News reported.

Along with authoring a self-published novel titled, “How to Murder Your Husband,” a search of the couple’s computer revealed a bookmarked article entitled, “10 Ways to Cover Up a Murder,” CNN reported.

Crampton Brophy’s defense attorney has argued that she was at a Starbucks in Washington County when her husband was murdered, Fox News noted. “Nancy Crampton-Brophy has always been thoroughly, madly, crazy in love with Daniel Brophy, and she still is to this day. For Nancy Brophy, he was perfect,” her defense team argued during opening statements, according to CNN.