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Multiple Military Witnesses Describe Encounter With UFO


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Five U.S Navy witnesses aboard the USS Ronald Reagan have described a 2004 encounter with a UFO/UAP off the eastern coast of the United States, the details of which were released Monday.

The witnesses aboard the Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier said they saw a 20- to 40-foot wide luminous orb hovering over the ship’s flight deck, according to the Debrief. The exact date of the encounter could not be remembered as all reported logs were destroyed, but all five witnesses described the events almost identically to the outlet.

The outlet spoke to five witnesses to the event, verifying their military service using DD-214 separations documents, the 2004 cruise book, and corroborating witness statements. (RELATED: Strange Circles Seen In Space, Baffles Scientists)

The first witness interviewed by the Debrief was 3rd class petty officer and Quartermaster Karol Olesiak, who was informed of an ongoing event above the flight deck when he showed up to relieve the outgoing Quartermaster for his evening shift.

“I’m pretty sure ‘it’ was there. And they were like, ‘I don’t know what that is. I don’t care.’ You know what I mean?” Olesiak told the Debrief, “Like they had an attitude like ‘I’m going to my rack. I don’t care. … don’t even bother me about this sh*t’… So this  ‘thing’ is there, the entirety of my watch and because the officers are ignoring it, I’m forced to ignore it.” His watch lasted from 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM, throughout which the glowing orange-colored orb hovered above the flight deck, Olesiak told the outlet.

Apparently the surface of the UAP reminded Olesiak of the “burning bush” described in the Bible, the outlet continued. “In the Eastern Orthodox church, they explain the burning Bush as unburnt energy. When you see it, you are entranced by the novelty of it. You’ve never seen it before. Right? You’ve never seen negative energy… but it’s there. You don’t know what it is, the experience of seeing something you haven’t seen before,” he told the Debrief.

The second witness, seaman Derek Smith, was on an upper-level catwalk roughly 50-75 feet about the flight deck when the UAP arrived, the Debrief continued. “I’m sitting here look at this thing, and I couldn’t tell what it was. There was a shape to it. It was oval-shaped… it didn’t look solid, but it had a shape to it,” he told the outlet.

“On starboard forward you had, I’d say, about 70% of the flight deck in front of you. And  I remember we were looking down at the flight deck and you had airmen on there and me and [witness #3] were just looking at each other. And then we looked down at the flight deck and all the people while fight deck was [sic] looking up at the [UAP],” he continued.

Smith was alongside a third female witness, who remained anonymous in the Debrief report, when the UAP appeared. When she reported the UAP to the air contact, she was asked if she “was smoking crack,” the outlet reported.

“After I had called it in…..They were like… let us know what happens. And then it stayed with us. I don’t remember how long it stayed with the ship, but it stayed with the ship for a while. …It just followed us. And they were like, ‘well what’s your positioning with the sun?’. I was like, ‘that’s not the sun.'” she told the outlet.

Unlike Olesiak and Smith, the third witness said the UAP arrived just before sunset, around dusk, and she saw it depart into the clouds, the Debrief reported. She also said that people working on the flight deck “dropped their stuff and took off” after seeing the UAP, the outlet continued.

Before the UAP left, it did a sudden series of half-circle-like maneuvers before shooting off into the clouds with “extreme speed,” according to the third witnesses’ statements. The maneuvers were also witnessed by Patrick Gokey, the fourth witness to the event. Gokey said it looked like the UAP was being controlled, telling the outlet that the movements “just couldn’t have been random.”

Gokey, Smith, the third witness, and the fifth were in contact the night of the incident, the Debrief continued. The fifth witness was sent outside to “chew out” the lookouts Gokey, Smith and Witness #3 for “horsing around,” when he saw the UAP, he told the outlet.

When he tried to write the sighting in his log, his chief told him to “rip it out,” and noted that none  of the officers seemed phased by the UAP in the slightest, the Debrief continued. It is unclear if any footage of the UAP exists as it does with a number of other sightings.

Most notable is the footage taken aboard the USS Omaha in 2019. The Pentagon also released footage from three additional incidents over the last 20 years. The U.S Navy drafted new procedures for reporting UFO/UAP sightings in 2019 due to their prevalence.

Potential explanations for the UAP include earthquake lights, secret government technology, but neither have been confirmed, the Debrief reported. Former Director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) Luis Elizondo told the outlet that he was aware of similar cases like that aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.

In those cases, the ignorance on the part of the officers and those higher in the chain of command is part of an effort to cover-up such events, Elizondo noted to the outlet. The Debrief noted that the orb was reportedly similar in size, color, and description to one that was reported in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.