Biden To America: Your Frustration … ‘I Can Taste It’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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President Joe Biden told America that he knows “you gotta be frustrated” about inflation Tuesday and that he can actually “taste” the discontent.

Biden attempted to argue that inflation is a strength and a threat, but apparently, this comment has already been regarded as a gaffe. He then course-corrected and declared that fighting inflation is his leading domestic priority, according to The Washington Post.

Biden’s “simple” solution to inflation is to “lower the everyday costs of hardworking Americans,” but did not specify how this would be achieved. (RELATED: Nothing Says End Stage Dystopian Nightmare Like The Masked Servant Class Stooping Over To Adjust Hillary Clinton’s Gown On The Red Carpet)

Inflation is one of the core reasons for Biden’s plummeting polling numbers. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has previously attempted to argue that Biden’s polling so poorly because Americans simply don’t understand how good he’s been in office.

A Gallup poll from April showed that only 2% of Americans believe that economic conditions are “excellent,” while a majority believe that the current financial and economic status of the nation is “poor.” Bank of America issued a dire warning to Americans about the economy as the first week of May closed with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting more than 1,000 points.

BlackRock President Rob Kapito predicted further economic failures in March, noting that an “entitled generation” will be shocked by upcoming shortages in labor and raw materials, suggesting the worst is still to come.