Dolly Parton And Doja Cat Set To Appear In Musical About Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dolly Parton and Doja Cat are starring in a satirical musical May 26 that’s designed to bring back a beloved Taco Bell food item.

Country music’s beloved icon, Dolly Parton, has teamed up with popular artist Doja Cat to share her love for Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell, and together, they aspire to entertain fans as they fight for the return of this food item.

“Mexican Pizza: The Musical” is being promoted by Taco Bell on social media, and is said to also feature Grammy winners Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, according to the New York Post. The musical will be streamed on TikTok, but the exact number of tracks being produced by this group of artists has not yet been declared, the outlet reported.


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Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza first appeared on the fast-food chain’s menu in 1985 and remained there until it was abruptly removed in November 2020, according to the New York Post. Food lovers quickly emerged to request the return of the infamous pizza, and Parton was one of many who spoke out about this topic. (RELATED: Dolly Parton Answers Whether Her Boobs Were Once Insured)

“They used to make a little Mexican Pizza… I love that,”  Parton said during a January interview with Insider. When asked if Taco Bell should bring this food favorite back, Parton replied, “I think they should!” the outlet reported.


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Parton’s influence is likely to have played a role in the reinstatement of Mexican Pizza to the Taco Bell menu, as the franchise has promised to bring it back by May 19.

“While rumors of the Mexican Pizza’s return have been swirling for months, it hasn’t been publicly confirmed until now,”  Taco Bell said in a statement.