Reporter Asks If Admin Will Tell Americans To Just Drive Less Due To High Gas Prices. Biden Responds

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A reporter asked President Joe Biden at Tuesday’s “Tackling Inflation” event if the administration will ask Americans to drive less and rely on public transportation due to high gas prices.

The average price of gasoline soared Tuesday to a new record high of $4.37 per gallon, while the average price of diesel fuel reached a record $5.56 a gallon.

“You have yet to ask Americans to consume less, you’re a train guy. Have you ever thought of your administration asking Americans to drive less [and] to take public transport?” the reporter asked.

“Well, if you’ve ever raised a family like mine you don’t have to tell them,” the president replied. “They’re doing everything in their power to figure out how not to have to show up to the gas pump. That’s why, for example, one of the things that’ll help a lot, but it’s gonna take time, is our infrastructure bill. The truth is they don’t have that many options in terms of transportation around the country right now.”

“If you’re living in the Northeast corridor, you do driving back and forth between Baltimore, Washington, New York, etcetera,” the president continued. “But you don’t have that many choices. You don’t have a whole lot of choices to deal with in terms of aspects of transportation, in terms of local transportation.” (RELATED: Pete Buttigieg Says Buying Electric Cars Will Help Save People Money As Gas Prices Rise) 

The president said he is intent on shifting to renewable energy to become less dependent on energy costs. He then said he is in constant communication with European allies with steering away from dependence on Russian oil.

“We’re working like the devil to help them transition because as long as Russia’s able to make money selling oil they’re gonna continue to be able to do the bad things they’re doing,” he continued. “It’s really complicated. I’m not suggesting the American people can’t understand it, they understand it but they’re working 8 to 10 hours a day just to put food on the table.”

He then concluded that he “never expected” the “ultra MAGA Republicans” to control the Republican Party.