Comedian Alex Stein Freestyle Raps About Abortion At City Council Meeting


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Alex Stein attended the Arlington, Texas, City Council meeting and freestyle rapped about abortion Tuesday.

Stein is known for attending city council meetings around the United States, both in person and via video, and trolling the council members on various topics. In Arlington, Stein commenced his rap by saying, “What up Mayor Ross? I’m Prime Time 99 and I’m the real boss. I’m on the grind all the time, and you know you see this Supreme Court trying to limit abortion. Let me tell you something, I wish my Mom aborted me.”

He told the council he prepared something for them and started his rap with the lyrics, “I want to have an abortion. Don’t cause a big commotion!” You can watch the full rap here:

“The Mayor was really cool about it,” Alex Stein told the Daily Caller, “but it’s frustrating because all of these city council people know me now, so maybe I’ll have to start wearing a disguise.” Stein has gone viral on multiple occasions for his appearances at city council meetings. Most notably, he hit the headlines for rapping while wearing scrubs and telling people to get vaccinated, the Daily Mail reported.

The latest rap was not Stein’s only foray into the topic of abortion. In September 2021, Stein attended a city council meeting in Dallas, Texas, where he gave a farce-speech on why abortion should be legal in the state, which was shared by many notable conservative influencers, such as Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, according to Stein.