NANCE: There’s One Republican Woman Who Can Ensure A GOP Majority In November

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Penny Nance President, Concerned Women for America
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Thank goodness there is something positive that came out of the pandemic we’ve all had to endure for more than two years. Moms and dads across the country have been awakened to what their children are being taught in school and have taken action. They are getting more involved at the local level and making their voices heard at school board meetings and in politics.

This new activism could lead to an election landslide in November that brings more Americans into the discussion about what we as a country want for our future. Do we continue down the road of record inflation, economic instability, a fecklessness foreign policy and a federal government that wants to control our daily lives, but does nothing to control the southern border?

There is a culture war going on with moms on one side and the Biden administration, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their ilk are on the other. This week’s vicious activity by aggressive abortion advocates is another example of how our country is divided on issues of life, education and liberty.

Republicans no doubt have a great chance to take back the House and the Senate and one outstanding champion of women is the lynchpin. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a Republican from the 21st District of New York, is recruiting women, these activist moms, to run for office.

As the first woman to serve as the Recruitment Chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Stefanik successfully recruited more than 100 women – a record number – to run for Congress in 2018. At the time, only 13 Republican women served in the House of Representatives, making up less than 3% of Congress. Unfortunately, it was a tough midterm cycle in 2018.

Not to be deterred in her mission, Stefanik doubled down and launched E-PAC after the 2018 midterm elections to support top Republican female candidates in primaries and general elections across the country. The sooner E-PAC gets resources to a candidate, the better their chances, and it has paid off.

While many political pundits and cable news analysts predicted huge losses for Republicans going into the 2020 election, Stefanik’s effort to recruit, train, endorse and support qualified female candidates paid off. Republicans defied expectations and picked up 15 seats. In 2020, Republicans more than doubled the number of women in their caucus.

Eleven out of the 15 seats that flipped red were won by E-PAC-endorsed Republican women. This included rising Republican stars and majority makers such as Ashley Hinson and Young Kim.

Going into the 2022 midterm elections, polling data indicates President Biden and House Democrats are imploding on every single issue. Voters do not trust Democrats to handle the growing crises facing the nation.

At a House Republican Conference retreat, Stefanik warned against complacency when things look so good for the GOP.  “We are going to work to earn this majority. Majorities are not given, they are earned, which is why as conference chair I have laser-focused our messaging on the issues that actually impact people day to day.”

In her role as conference chair, Stefanik has helped Republicans unify and focus on the real issues facing the American people and going on offense against Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s failed policies. From her post leading E-PAC, she is ensuring candidates are focusing on big issues that affect voters in their districts.

So far this cycle, Stefanik’s E-PAC has endorsed 18 strong female candidates for the U.S. House. This includes a very diverse group of women from all over the country, including three Hispanic women in South Texas — Monica De La Cruz, Cassy Garcia and Mayra Flores — who will very likely flip three competitive seats in Texas.

Since its inception, E-PAC has raised and donated more than $3.2 million dollars directly to female candidates. It’s clear Rep. Stefanik is working very closely with President Trump to find strong female candidates who put America first.

As Republicans knock on the door of the majority, GOP women are the key to winning.

Penny Young Nance is the President and CEO of Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest grassroots women’s organization.