Former Delta Force Operators Talk About Killing Corrupt Afghani Cops, Foiling Assassination Attempt On The Afghani President

(Credit: Bob Keller, Brian Gilligan and Daily Caller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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One story about combat and misinformation tells you everything you need to know about how dishonest some people can be.

During my exclusive interview with former Delta Force commandos Brian Gilligan, Nate Dudley and Bob Keller, the three of them told me an insane story about taking out some corrupt Afghani cops before being initially hung out to dry by people questioning the call.

“They had a vote, and they voted the wrong way and they paid the price,” Gilligan explained when unpacking how the altercation went down and the subsequent fallout.

He further added, “Fast forward another week, week and a half, turns out we burned down the correct guys. They were all bad and we had also fouled up an assassination attempt on the new Afghan President. We do our homework…All of a sudden we’re heroes after they motherf**ked us.” You can watch Gilligan, Dudley and Keller break down the insane situation in the video below.

This story right here goes to prove how much nonsense shooters have to deal with, especially when it comes to people questioning judgement calls.

As all three of those men pointed out, those Afghani cops were bad dudes who chose to vote the wrong way and it cost them everything.

Then, the Delta operators had to deal with the garbage fallout before being “all of a sudden heroes.” Again, it just goes to show how much nonsense there can be.


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