Speculation Swirls Around Late Night Meet-Up Between Amber Heard, James Franco Caught On Cam


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Johnny Depp’s legal team showed a CCTV video of Amber Heard and James Franco getting very cozy in an elevator May 22, 2016, and the internet is exploding.

The video captured footage of Heard and Franco a day after an alleged fight erupted between Depp and Heard which required police intervention. Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, seemed to suggest there was more to the relationship that Heard and Franco shared, and grilled Heard after showing the video in court, according to courtroom footage posted by Law and Crime.

The video appears to be explosive evidence for Depp, who has long alleged that Heard was having an affair during their marriage — something she has consistently denied. With her credibility on the line, Heard seemed uncertain or unwilling to confirm the details surrounding the video.

Vasquez continued to press Heard about the footage. “You changed the lock to the penthouses on May 22, 2016,” she said. “I attempted to,” Heard replied. “That’s why you felt comfortable having James Franco over the evening of May 22, 2016?” Vasquez continued. Heard seemed uncertain and Vasquez referenced the time stamp on the video for accuracy which confirmed that Heard let Franco into the penthouse she shared with Depp at approximately 11 p.m. She appeared to be barefoot and wearing a nightgown in the video. (RELATED: Chris Rock Slams Amber Heard Over Defecation Allegations)

Vasquez then asked Heard to confirm whether she “knew Mr. Depp was out of town” when Franco was invited up to the penthouse so late into the evening.

“I don’t know what I knew of his schedule at the time,” Heard said.

The video is a stark contrast to Heard’s earlier testimony, at which time she defended claims against accusations of infidelity. She had previously testified that she was at the receiving end of a “revolving door of accusations” of infidelity, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The video footage was a big source of evidence for Depp in the $50 million defamation case.

The story continues to develop in court.