Pentagon Admits To At Least 11 Near-Collisions With UFOs


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Illinois Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi used his time during Tuesday’s open subcommittee hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) to ask about collisions between United States assets and UFOs.

Krishnamoorthi posed his question to Deputy Director of Navy Intelligence Scott Bray, who responded that “we have not had a collision. We have had at least eleven near-misses.” (RELATED: Multiple Military Witnesses Describe Encounter With UFO)

Krishnamoorthi followed up Bray’s response by asking if there had been any type of communication between United States asset and UAPs prior to, during or after the near-miss events. “No.” Bray responded.

“So we don’t even put out an alert?” Krishnamoorthi continued, “‘U.S. identify yourself. You are within our flight path,’ or something like that? We haven’t said anything like that?” (RELATED: Pentagon Investigator Claims Military Service Members Experienced Paranormal Activity After Visiting Haunted Ranch)

“We’ve not put anything out like that. Generally speaking, for example in the video we showed earlier, it appears to be something that is unmanned, appears to be something that may or may not be in controlled flight, and so we have not attempted any communication with them,” Bray responded.

Krishnamoorthi also asked whether the US had discharged any armaments against any UAPs, which Bray explained had not happened.

“How about wreckage? Have we come across any wreckage of any kind of object that has now been examined by you?” Krishnamoorthi pivoted.

“The UAP taskforce doesn’t have any wreckage that isn’t explainable, that isn’t consistent with being of terrestrial origin,” Bray responded.

Krishnamoorthi went a step further, asking if the UAP taskforce had any sensors under the ocean to detect submerged UAPs. The Under Secretary of Defense Ronald Moultrie told Krishnamoorthi that the answer to that particular question would be best answered in a closed session.

Tuesdays public hearings are the first to take place on the topic of UFOs and UAPs in over 50 years, the BBC reported. Members of Congress recently stated that the Pentagon is not taking reports of UFOs and UAPs seriously.

The Pentagon’s Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office is expected to be fully operational by June, with the purpose of thoroughly investigating and analyzing reports of UFOs and UAPs.